About Us



Granola Culture operates from the root of two crunchy parents trying to make a difference based out of Lexington, Kentucky.


Why Granola if you don't actually sell granola?

 Granola, commonly thought of as rolled oats and dried fruit, is a term also synonymous with the modern-day, hippie-esque, crunchy, socially aware environmentalist.

Our yoga mats, yoga blocks and glass sleeves are made from cork, by Yoloha Yoga. We love partnering with other eco-minded small businesses. Cork is naturally antimicrobial and earth-friendly, which you'll find is a common theme at Granola Culture. Step foot in our space and discover upcycled and re-purposed furniture, many living, air-purifying plants and artwork by local artists.
Our cosmetic products are made by hand in single batches, with non-GMO, organic and locally sourced ingredients. If it's not good for you or your skin, we don't want any part of it. We never, ever use: fillers, mineral oil, parabens, paraffins, petrolatum, silicones, sodium lauryl sulfates, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances or talc.
Our cosmetic bags are also handmade, from repurposed coffee sacks from suppliers who are organic and certified fair trade. All profits received from purchasing our bag material goes directly to the Center for Women and Families, a victims of domestic violence/sexual abuse non-profit that serves 9 Kentuckiana counties.
Our packaging on all fronts, from the glass we use to bottle our ELLEbohème Nourishing Skin Whip to our retail bags and shipping mailers are all recyclable, biodegradable and/or made from post-consumer, recycled material.
We are Kentucky Proud, Cruelty Free and Leaping Bunny Certified.

We encourage you to visit our multi-functional downtown location to learn more. Our address is: 804 N. Limestone; Lexington, KY 40505

It is our mission
to inspire a “crunchier” Commonwealth by sharing our lifestyle through our brand, essentially creating a Granola Culture throughout the state of Kentucky and beyond. 

A message from our Founder & CEO:

Welcome, friends! We're glad to have you as a part of our crunchy community. Collectively, we are redefining what it means to be "Granola" and that goes beyond clean skin and beauty.
As a millennial, I have embraced a lifestyle more in tune with the awareness of the earth's invaluable resources and humanity's preservation of Mother Nature's gifts of which we are so blessed to use. Even more so, with the birth of our daughter, I discovered a stronger, direct interest in the longevity of our planet and vowed to protect, maintain and ensure the highest quality of life for future generations.
When I worked as a professional makeup artist in New York City, I was frustrated that I could not amplify a woman's natural beauty with natural cosmetics. Although the products did what they said they'd do, they were full of known carcinogens and I felt guilty applying and selling them to clients. I met a famous makeup artist who I had long admired for encouraging natural beauty and realized that even her line of products were not healthy. Disappointed and discouraged, I got out of the industry, but could never fully "let go" of my passion for skin and beauty.
It wasn't until three years later after I had moved back to Kentucky and was expecting our daughter, that I reconsidered the "bad stuff" in cosmetics, and so many other things we use or consume in our day-to-day lives. Pregnancy made me a professional researcher and very creative. If I couldn't find natural cosmetics that worked, I'd make my own. 
I began with lip conditioner, using the same recipe we use today. I made so many, I gave them away to family and friends. Someone very dear to me, of whom most times is very negative, tried my lip conditioner and loved it- my grandmother. Never one for dreams, she encouraged me to pursue mine. I took it as a sign from the universe! My kitchen became my laboratory. In between Eden's nap times, I experimented, researched and educated myself on how to start a cosmetic business. I made sure I did everything the right way. After recipe trial and error, here we are today-- with a small collection of Granola Culture Originals.
I promise to never sacrifice quality. I oversee each and every product from beginning to end and hope to inspire each customer to read their labels and be mindful with every purchase.
I invite you to come see all our space has to offer. I'd love to show you around and get to know YOU!

Inspiringly crunchy,
Melinda 'Min' Johnson