Granola Culture's DeboHÈme Nourishing Crème

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The smell of this stuff alone is well, what a real man smells like: spicy, woodsy and a little sweet. Packed with a blend of organic butters and oils chosen for their healing properties, our crème nourishes the gnarliest of knuckles, skate scruffs and the like. A pea-sized dollop is good for two man hands. Did we mention we use organic hemp seed oil?!

Doubles as an aftershave or crème cologne.

*Great GUY Gift!*

DeboHÈme: debonair, bohème; a new breed of man.

Ingredients: butter blend of: oat, jojoba*, shea* and coconut*, oil blend of: hemp seed*, tamanu and calendula*, arrowroot powder*, vitamin e, thieves essential oil blend (cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary), essential oils of: benzoin, camphor and cedarwood*. *ORGANIC

Ingredient Highlights:

Tamanu Oil: Reputed to be the end-all, cure-all for skin ailments, Tamanu Oil is a natural wound healer from burns and cuts to bug bites and eczema.

Hemp Seed Oil: With it's high mineral content, omega 3's and 6's, and being that it's a complete protein, Hemp Seed Oil is great for maintaining a healthy moisture balance and repairing the skin's natural barrier. Because this oil closely resembles our skin's sebum, it's rapidly absorbed.

Arrowroot Powder: Named for it's ability to draw out the poison from wounds of poisonous arrows, Arrowroot Powder opens pores to let toxins out and allow 'good stuff' in.

Essential Oil Highlights:

Cinnamon: Boosts brain activity and mental alertness

Clove: Soothing for aches and pains

Camphor: The Camphor tree must be at least 50 years old to produce oil and can grow as old as 1000 years! Camphor was often used in temple and ship building for it's aromatic properties and durability.