Granola Culture's ELLEbohème Nourishing Skin Whip

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Made with luxurious organic butters, oils and extracts, our Nourishing Skin Whip is not only the perfect after-shower moisturizer, but doubles as a pre-powder primer. Upon naming this product, a popular contender was "Crème de la Cloud" and it's not difficult to see why. Try it once and you may just check the mirror and find a pair of wings. This aromatic whip feels divine, as it should. After all, it's made from heaven-sent ingredients!

*ELLEbohème: elegant, bohème; a new breed of woman.

Ingredients: butter blend of: coconut*, shea*, jojoba*, and pomegranate, coconut oil*, argan oil*, calendula*, arrowroot powder*, glycerin (plant-based)*, cucumber peel botanical extract, vitamin e, aphrodisiac essential oil blend (jasmine, orange sweet, patchouli, sandalwood, ylang-ylang), essential oils of: benzoin, honeysuckle, lavender*, and tea tree*. *ORGANIC

Highlighted Ingredients:

Pomegranate Butter: Balances pH, moisturizes and nourishes (great for nether regions, ladies!)

Argan Oil: Often called liquid gold, Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and omega 6 fatty acids, softens the skin and restores the skin's water lipid layer, minimizing wrinkles and acneic outbreaks.

Cucumber Peel: Cucumber is rich in enzymes essential for cell growth and repair. Known to have anti-inflammatory and skin tightening properties, Cucumber Peel tones and refreshes the skin.

Highlighted Essential Oils:

Benzoin: Improves circulation, uplifts mood

Lavender: Encourages relaxation and gentleness

Ylang-Ylang: Heightens the senses, fades tension